Life Tales; Edd’s Story

I have had many angles to life (not as experienced as the older ones). This is a segment I have thought about as I was trying to move the writer’s block. The block is still there. As long as I have a passion for filling in blank pages it will still creep in. it is like the way life is, you clear one fault you find another and you have to deal with that one. The down side is there is no running away but on the other hand, it is a nice ride on a roller-coaster (I just know it from movies)where it terrifies you like hell at the same time you have fun and by any chance you don’t want to get out of it.

Enough of my life talks…

Welcome to my zone…


“Son, I need you here. This work is too much and there is little help. I can’t afford to employ another person and at the same time afford life as it comes. The hassle is real and I am not in a position to hold all those pillars. “

He read that text and as expected he wasn’t sure what he meant. Immediately he had thoughts running in his mind. He is calling me over to his work for what purpose? To use me? Yes I guess he is. From my standing point he can’t afford to make me an employee that makes me a volunteer. Will make it in the city if I am a volunteer? What if I become like those magicians who went to Fillory? He was one smart guy. In his late teen he had managed to stay in their little town and do some hassle here and there. He is one natural business guy with utter passion in management and design. The design aspect in him is strong. At the age of ten he stitched his first denim bag with a manual machine (any tailor can tell you that it is the hardest to use and especially on a hard fabric like denim.)

Edd is his name. He is one of those boys who lived with his mum for obvious reasons. Dad is in the city trying to hassle for the family. It’s just another typical today story. Staying with his mum has made him one of these fine boys who appreciate ladies. He has lived with the downside of his mum as well as the peak of her life when everything is going on almost perfectly (I am aware life will never be perfect in the eyes of any human.) life with mums is quite a good ride. Even in the jungle mums are the best (not disregarding Dads).

“Edd? Where are you?” A high pitched voice calls from one end and without hesitation,

Edd responds in a deep hoarse voice, an indication that he is from a long silence.

“I am here mum!”

“Your dad has called me and he wants to know what you have decided.”

Edd moves out of his room and his face looks pale. The look of things doesn’t make him a happy little puppy. “Mum, do I have a choice for that matter?”

“Edd, it depends on what you really want but your dad needs you more than I do at the moment. Just go and help him out. When things get to normal you will have your say on what to do next.”

At the back of his mind he is pretty sure mum knows he doesn’t want to go. For reasons best known to her.

” mum I will call him tomorrow and let him know what I think. I the meantime I have to sit this one out for a while so please, don’t tell Sly I am around.”

Sly is one of these fine ladies. They have lived in the same hood for a long time and have given each other titles, the best friend forever thing. It was Sly’s idea. Girls are just girls.

“Edd, why do that? Sly is your friend and besides, I cannot keep her from you. You guys understand each other better. Not that I can be in the middle of your sit outs.” Mums tone was quite clear that she will not do as instructed and chances are, she will direct sly to him.

“ok mum. Are you getting late for work?’

“Yeah, am leaving in a moment. Meanwhile, I assume today you won’t do anything. So I have left some food at the kitchen counter. Make sure you eat. And please, dad is expecting your call.”

Mum goes ahead and without any response, Edd goes back to his room. What he clearly knows is he doesn’t want to move into to the city and the scare is that he is has a new start waiting on him. He had made a niche back home. All that is going away. Edd loves serenity. He knows the city won’t offer that. It is just another typical urban jungle. The existence of tall buildings with all kinds of fruits dropping scares him. He remembers his cousin Jude who is now a city dweller. He has never come back home since he cleared university. The last time they had a conversation was when he had had his firstborn baby. Edd doesn’t want this to happen to him. He thinks of his mum and he doesn’t like the idea of leaving her alone. Yes alone. Edd has two siblings who are now in high school. Both are boarders, you cant expect them to leave school and keep mum company.

As he is deep in thought he notices some movement is his room. It is sly. Just another reason why he is scared to move. These two have nothing going on but both have something in their head (or is it heart) that is not very clear.

“Edd, I have been standing here for the last twenty minutes. You look disturbed. What is going on? Are you ok.” She sits next to him and feels his fever with the back of her hand. Edd feels a tickle in him that sounds odd. He had never thought of anything beyond them being friends. The thought of him leaving her behind has a roused a new kind of feeling. That expression that means, staying away from you is scary. he knew he couldn’t hide the new developments from her so he fumbles with words;

“sly, dad wants me to join him in the city.” The face sly wore has never been seen before. It had a thousand expressions. Why? I will miss you. We had something going on…the list is endless.

“Edd, are you going?”

“I have not decided yet but from the look of things I only have one choice.” Edd has never been this vulnerable in the presence of sly. The range of emotions was very high. His heart was beating fast and he was shaking. It was clear to him that he was not prepared for such a change and besides being able to handle himself in the presence of sly, his intuition what damaged today. It is one crazy moment.

Sly rests on his chest and she is also on the downside of things. At this point, the teachings become very important. blog art 12 may

The phone rings. And a soul is saved.

“Hello dad……


PS. Names and characters do not represent actual people. The events are derived from past experiences and others are fictitious.

Well keep tabs…

Erick Ashihundu.