Writers never run out of content. Its just their minds lost in the process of creating their worlds. Sometimes, we are locked away into those worlds,where demi-gods  rule with the fist of imagination (you don’t wanna get stuck in that world without a pen)  I wrote this short story back in 2014. I found it today.  While I am still making more of these worlds, enjoy reading what my 20 year old was thinking. i didn’t feel the need to edit a single part, i would have written the same way if i was 20 years now.

Welcome to that…

What happened?!” she asked with a high pitched tone full of scare. The boy stood there, dumb. He didn’t even think of saying a word. A tear was the new mask on his face.To worsen the situation, he had a deep cut. His mother came and on his sight, adrenaline took over. Initially she was a lousy mother, commanding everyone around her to do the simplest tasks she could do by herself. The one who freaked out at his sight was the sister, Sebvenzia. From long, Sebvenzia and Kubasu were very intimate people. You could see them at a corner talking to each other in the lowest tones and probably, mimicking their mum for her lazy character. This time everything was different, Kubasu’s mum carried out the famous first aid. She took her ‘Leso’ (which was actually gotten from the campaign season a few months ago and had been washed only once), placed in salty water and squeezed against the boys deep cut. Immediately Kubasu let out the loudest and most hoarse scream. This explained that Kubasu was now growing into a man, leaving his little boyish voice and adapting a new manly one. He was at the verge of adolescence and it was evident from that hoarse squeal. Mama Sebvenzia was determined to clean his sons wound to the later. Yes, she really did that and maybe, Kubasu once again should say ‘thank you’.


Days went by as he was healing.Kubasu had become the center of focus both from his mother and his only sister.

“Kubasu what happened? You have never told me about the cause of your wound. Do you know you put me in worry for you? Please tell me brother, am your only sister and without you being open to me I will speculate more and more and keep hurting, do you want to see your sister crying always?” Sebvenzia stated with a very empathetic tone.

shaking his head,

“Sebvenzia you know me very well, I keep things that will hurt our family especially our mum who is very important to us.”

“Kubasu I am your family, share it out and let’s find a solution to whatever matter at hand.”

“Do you remember me showing you a man with a jungle hat long time ago?” Sebvenzia nodded with curiosity. “He is the cause of this wound sister.”

“What did he do to you Kubasu? Did he use any weapon?! Tell me exactly what he did to you?”

“My friends and I were out hunting in the forest, we were at the peak of having fun. Everything was going on pretty well. We had already killed two ‘sunguras’ and were on the chase for another when someone gripped me away from the rest. In my mind, I thought I had fallen maybe in a man hole but that was not the case. On looking up, it was this man.( Kubasu remembered how he suspected the man because he was always within his vicinity whenever he was playing, taking care of cattle, cutting firewood with his friends) the man was in a very scary facial expression and my friends hadn’t noticed my absence. Sebvenzia, I got scared for my life. I tried to battle him but he had a very strong arm and overpowered me. This injury came from that struggle, I hit my leg against his machete which as safely tacked under his pants. That is when he pushed me away and said to me that my mum was the cause of him following me always and he promised to come back for me then he vanished in the bushes just as I was about to ask him if who he was.”

Sebvenzia held Him strongly by the shoulder and said, ” We are alone in this world and we have to fight our way to survival, mum as you know isn’t able to do that for us and we understand her, our love for her is very strong and we must do our best to prove to her that we highly value her as our sole family. As for that man, as soon as you are healed, we will use all our means to get to him even if it means to go head on with him, we will do anything to come to terms with whatever his intentions were.” Kubasu felt life in him. The felt the zeal to live on and face the realities that comes into this world.


The life of this family was a mystery to many of those around them. Their mum had been settled in that village by a certain rich man who gave them a piece of land. She was still a young lady full of life. Looking very pretty and so much into herself.  This trait made her lonely and only worked hand to mouth. The farm she had was never cultivated and she became the topic of the village at most. This mysterious life was what carried the talk for a very longtime since they weren’t aware of the true identity of this mama. Many time mama Sebvenzia could always be on her own and if a friend is there, Its only her two children who again were rendered outcasts since they didn’t have someone to protect them as their father so this was their biggest mystery.


This is one of those families you want to hold down and ask a couple of questions regarding their whereabouts. But as it is for many people out there, they are just a bunch of survivors who are trying to make ends meet. So is the true definition of the new reality. No one is ready to know facts about the other. Traditionalists have turned to something else, maybe some self-centered rich men who have wealth and no heart. Maybe, some creation of the need for independence or a big story that we deny our families one member at the expense of the rest.


As Kubasu and Sebvenzia make a plan on how to tackle the current situation, keep tabs…..


Erick Ashihundu.



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