After a series of running away from blogging i find myself in the game.I figured out that either way i had to do something with the few skills my English teacher taught me and the passion i have for words, keyboard/pen and blank spaces.Filling in thoughts, ideas, opinions and anything that can be expressed in writing. so welcome to my zone……


According to oxford English dictionary a word is a meaningful element of speech writing used to form sentences with others. Words can stand alone or with help of others. Just like humanity. You can be humane alone or with other humans. The good thing about that is the more humane people together more the more the world makes sense to us.

Someone may wonder why I took the topic words as my first blog. My first venture into a field I only dreamt of. Honestly I may not have the best reason to suit everyone but only one explanation; A word is that thing that is part of us forever. It has existed in every generation. We use words to express our innermost fears, words to win over business propositions, among many great uses of words. So how about we appreciate words as they come?blog art 11 feb..jpg

Many times we hear of guys having fewer words to put out there or excess words put out there. How about those who have enough? For instance C S Lewis has all these words out there. Are they excess? Well, I see them as enough. His words are fit for kids and adults too. The thought in my head is that he really had enough words to feed the world with utter imagination and deep critical thinking (well if you read his works then you’ll agree) Have you ever survived on fewer words? I have many times and its cool to ether but rarely do you get your way. Having few words can be that fun right? How about having to answer a question with one word when someone needs a whole sentence? That can hurt many parties especially the potential control freaks. I                 have to agree with lots of thinkers that words are very important and the right amount will keep you safe. So let’s embrace the safe mode, enough words.

Are there right words? And if yes what are their measures? This guy says yes because he doesn’t want to hurt another person by the word NO. To him saying NO is a wrong word. But the reality on the ground he starts by saying no to saying yes? Well, we fear hurting other people with words. Yes, that’s the beauty of a good heart. The good heart itself should be that which will tell you no when it’s meant for that. This is where my argument comes in; having the right words is just like a knife. It will cut the meat into great pieces but also, cut you if you direct it into the wrong way. That is how words work. The right use will lead to good outcomes and the wrong use will hurt us. I agree with those who tell us when we go wrong and further give us possible solutions. They are always on the speed dial of a messy brain trying to save itself. The use of words in the right manner always suggests that someone is composed and hence, a mature human. That is just how things work. Or let’s say the rational way of doing and seeing things.

There are these words that will always have an emotional reaction. I love you, thank you; I am sorry…naming it. I remember that day I got this card saying I love you with the senders name on it (yes, my first love sent me a card). Those words were kept somewhere sacred; my wallet. Anytime I would access my wallet I would meet this card and as a puppy I would make those faces of joy; yes that face. That is the effect of these good words. Reality stood that maybe I wasn’t ready to see these words or maybe I was too ready for them. Sometimes that is how we should use words that will create an epitome of emotions. Perfect timing is very important to us. The right moment of saying sorry will save you from the wrath of the offended. The way we put out the words also matters. If we say sorry without empathy or that thank you without appreciation it’s just nothing in the ears of the other party. This is to say that anything that rolls with an emotion needs the right emotion to air it out. I agree its ok to be sorry and appreciative. That is the other basic necessity to words and their value to words human relationships (I hear they say it’s part of social rules). Let’s say it’s just the good values we get if we choose to be good.

Sometime back someone got carried away by emotional recklessness. The reason behind it was very absurd I call it. The guy was told some bitter truth. The delivery was harsh (of which I personally don’t like) but the message was quite clear. That is how words with truth words and of there is no truce then someone ends up being wreck-less hence airing themselves as that childish. No one is morally allowed to keep the truth from anyone. At least from the moral dictionary I learnt. The same case applies to the recipient of the message of truth. We got no time to consider reacting negatively because we were told something that didn’t please us instead I agree with those who accept reality or better still, sit down and either explains for clarity or apologizes.

Summing up, a word will be very important if it is well said and for the best intentions. If we use words to hurt the other parties it means we will be in constant conflict with life itself. The sweetness of a word will keep tracking the ear that wants to hear it. Words are the basis of many forms of expressive art; music, spoken word, poetry, debate among others. So let’s agree to use words to build humanity. The more positive words around, the more serene and peaceful zones we have and the more we own the sense of humanity.

I rest my case.

Erick Ashihundu.